More than ever, finding ways to tap into your well of happiness and strength is a priority. I'm pausing to recognize my places of solace in life -the things, people, and places that I choose to return to and ultimately call "home."

SHOUTS OUT to everyone out there who spent most of 2020 being the beacon of light and continually prolific while providing a sense of something beautiful, inspiring, tangible, and accessible. It can be a heavy load to carry. I can't always say that person was me.

Last year I worked harder than I ever had before. If you know me, you may have witnessed the levels of exhaustion I was willing to endure to persevere. Being an extremely private and increasingly introverted person while being a creative career boss-lady has carried so many lessons of its own. I would giggle to myself every time someone said the words, "I will wait to bother you until you are not busy."

My chosen technique is inlaying. It has a steep learning curve and takes longer than most jewelry techniques to advance in, especially at the complexity level that scratches my itch. I have no interest in dumbing down or streamlining my process for faster consumption.

I'm so grateful for the level of continual support and positive feedback from people who wear what I have created for them. I am opening the doors to custom orders again starting in February. Because I have witnessed people find strength in themselves through what I do. I want to encourage those who have been thinking about a piece to begin dreaming it up.

In deep reflection, looking back, I now understand the real value and depth of honoring yourself and the undeniable feeling of completion through the ritual of gift to self.

"I am not an influencer. I am here because I want to share what I know is possible."

~Fati Genese Fleming

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