Engagement Gallery

What we offer:

  • Precious metal design and fabrication
  • Intricate stone inlay with or without diamonds
  • A collaborative and personal experience
  • Accuracy and efficiency
  • Extensive knowledge of jewelry industry and standards
  • Quality that has historically exceeded overall expectations

Get started by answering these questions:

  • Budget. What is your cap? What price range would you like to stay in? It is good to note that most gold jewelry unless extremely delicate or highly manufactured and mass produced, will cost $1,000 and up. 
  • Are stones part of the picture? Gemstones, Minerals, or Diamonds?
  • What metal? SPC offers 14k, 18k, 22k (yellow or rose), Platinum, and Palladium
  • What width will the ring band/bands be?

Send us an email with your thoughts here.


SEA PONY COUTURE does not cover the cost of replacing center stones. Accent stones will be replaced free of charge within 1 year after the original purchase. Replacing accents stones engagements commissions only.

Shipping: Tax, Shipping, and insurance are included in the original quote after selecting metal, size, and finalizing design. 

Aftercare: High-end jewelry can be easily cleaned with (a mild natural) liquid soap and water with a ultra soft toothbrush. For jewelry with a high shine, use a Q-tip instead of a toothbrush.

Heirloom Stones: Vintage stones in old settings have already endured a fair amount of abuse from several decades of wear. Taking them out does run the risk of damaging them or breakage from inclusions the occurred during the original setting process. Many designers do not work with Heirloom stones for that fact. Use at your own risk. 

Jewelry Insurance: Clients are strongly advised to insure their own jewelry with a private insurance agent. SEA PONY COUTURE does not insure jewelry, but will provide invoices upon request.