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Midnight in Arizona Ring - size 6.75
Midnight in Arizona Ring - size 6.75
Midnight in Arizona Ring - size 6.75


Midnight in Arizona Ring - size 6.75

Picture Jasper alone is already stunning as is. When we look at it, we can’t help but see a whole desert-like mountain scene going on in this stone.

I paired this stone with blue stones to further create a cliffside nightfall motif. Inlaid in the Jasper is a bone moon.

It reminds me of visiting the Grand Canyon on my way back from New Mexico to California. I initially didn't plan on hiking, and because of that, I squeezed my hike in a little on the late side.  I made it to the best part of the hike and witnessed the sunset at a viewpoint just around the last bend. It was nightfall by the time I made it back to the main road. 

The canyon is such a beautiful sight that your eyes can’t believe it. Even while moonlit, you can feel its vastness.

Gemstones:  Picture Jasper, Denim Lapis, Blue Gold Stone, deadstock Bone

Metal: 925 sterling silver, 999 fine silver

Ring size: US 6.75

Resizing: 7, 7.25 (not down)

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