SEA PONY COUTURE is a modern inlay jewelry line known for its stone-forward composition, lush resinous feel, vibrant colorways, and prolific themed jewelry collection releases.

Quality over quantity - Small batch & local

Run your finger over the surface of any Sea Pony Couture jewelry. You'll remember that smooth texture forever. Each piece is a curated combination of many different rough stones that are cut to size, meticulously ground to perfectly fit together, resin fused, and polished until the surface becomes one singular smooth, brilliant sheen

Additionally, by going straight to the source, we elevate small businesses that maintain ethical mining practices. We use raw vintage stone materials and cut and carve by hand. Our stone suppliers are direct, with no middleman. 100% handcrafted by Fati Genese. It’s still a one-woman show. Truly a small business, and truly handmade.