SEA PONY COUTURE is an art-forward modern jewelry line best known for intricate and imaginative compositions and thematic collection releases.    

SPC holds a wide inventory of raw heirloom minerals sourced directly from local miners in California. Any stones with an international origin will be visibly noted in the description. SPC prioritizes supporting small businesses and family-owned companies over mass production and low prices.

As an art-based company, Sea Pony champions experimentation while occasionally incorporating nonclassic and alternative materials, such as enamel, resin, and porcelain. 

Made from 100% Recycled precious metals. Metal fabrication, lapidary, and enameling by Fati Genese. Fati Genese of SPC proudly makes each piece of jewelry by hand. No outsourcing.

As of 2024, SPC will proudly donate a portion of sales to Richmond Art Center, benefiting education programs, community outreach, free gallery admission, and exhibitions.