Special Care

Water: Remove inlay jewelry before showering and swimming in a chlorine-filled pool. For rings, washing your hands with mild sopa and water jewelry is just fine. 

Heat: Do not expose your inlay jewelry to open flame or extended exposure to sunlight on a hot day.

Cleaning: We recommend scrubbing lightly with mild soap and water with a soft toothbrush. Please note, gemstones in general may dry out after using harsh detergents. Use your favorite oil to condition the stones if they happen to lose their luster. Buff excess oil with a soft cloth or towel.

Resizing: If the band is 1-2.5mm we can resize it. A small resize for will be required to cover shipping and labor. We can resize most bands up by one ring size.

Appreciate: 20+ years of jewelry knowledge, much experimentation, years of studying under jewelry masters, and blood-sweat-n-tears went into creating these complex creations. Enjoy the crap out of your new piece of jewelry!  

SEA PONY COUTURE jewelry is self-love in earth form. You deserve it! Wear it proudly.

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 We are forever grateful. Thank you! "'Fati Genese <3