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Special Care

Please note:

All pieces are 100% hand made with hand-cut and carved rough stone material.


Rocks, stones, and gemstone happen to love water. Submerging your jewelry in water is not harmful to it. Chemicals and detergents can dry out your stones and weaken the adhesive used to fuse them over time. You can leave your jewelry on while washing your hands if you are using a mild soap. Because many people use detergents that contain unnatural and harmful ingredients, it is best to remove inlay jewelry before showering and swimming in a chlorine-filled pool. 


Treat your inlay as you would your skin. If you leave it in the sun, it is likely to change in color. Inlay jewelry is a combination of metal, stone, epoxy, and tension. Epoxy acts as a strong bond between the seams of each stone. Epoxy once chemically activated becomes "rock-hard" and bonds the slices of rock together. Epoxy is also sensitive to extremely high heat. Do not expose your inlay jewelry to open flame or extended exposure to sunlight on a hot day.  


All SEA PONY COUTURE jewelry is "conditioned" before being shipped. Conditioning with natural oils adds to the luster to the end product. Using oils and lotions will ultimately deepen the color of stones that are porous or on the softer side of the hardness scale. Stones such as Turquoise and Lapis are the most susceptible to darkening in color from being exposed to oils.


We are unable to offer resizing on any jewelry at this time due to limited quarantine regulations.


We recommend scrubbing lightly with mild soap and water with a soft toothbrush. You are encouraged to use a drop of your favorite natural oil to condition your stone after cleaning with soap and water. After scrubbing, buff with a soft paper towel.


Enjoy the crap out of your new piece of jewelry! SEA PONY COUTURE jewelry is self-love in earth form. You deserve it! Wear it proudly. Show it off! Tag us @seaponycouture (